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ISOFlex Packaging has a wide range of custom-engineered films designed to meet the needs of an ever-increasing environmentally conscious packaging market. A few of these include How2Recycle® Films, Post-Consumer Recycle Content (PCR) Films, Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) Films, Advanced Recycled Polyethylene Content, Bio-Assimilation Films, Compostable Films, Biobased Films and Antimicrobial Films.

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ISOFlex How2Recycle Films

How2Recycle® Films

Brands today desire that their packaging be clearly labeled to enable proper recycling. How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. ISOFlex has a catalog of barrier, non-barrier, and oriented films preapproved for Store Drop off through the How2Recycle program administered by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

Post-Consumer Recycle Content (PCR) Films

ISOFlex is a major producer of films with added mechanically recycled polyethylene content. We have a variety of commercial options or can work with your technical and marketing group to provide a film that meets your cost constraints and sustainability goals. ISOFlex has been recognized by APR for multiple years as a Recycling Demand Champion. This is through commitment and demonstration of increase in PCR usage year over year.

Benefits Include:
ISOFlex APR Recycling Demand Champion

Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) Films

ISOFlex is developing a range of MDO films with various physical, optical and shrink properties. Our development team is experienced in BOPP or PET to MDO PE transitions and can help you develop mono-material films and laminations to fit your needs. ISOFlex MDO films have plentiful positive attributes:

Feedback from our customers is that ISOFlex’s MDO print web has better optics and heat resistance than the competition.

Advanced Recycled Polyethylene Content

Advanced recycled polyethylene (PE) allows the incorporation of recycled content without the drawbacks of mechanically recycled PE. ISOFlex uses ISCC+ certified materials and produces their advanced recycled content films at ISCC+ certified facilities. Produced via mass-balance attribution (see this GAO report for more information), advanced recycled PE has significant fit for use advantages over mechanically recycled PE:

Bio-Assimilation Films

The Eclipse™ technology in ISOFlex films keeps the plastic stable for the designed shelf life. When discarded at its end of life, the combination of environmental conditions and microbial action starts the degradation process. The Bioassimilation process breaks up the plastic to a size where biodegradation will occur. This technology works in marine and terrestrial environments. ISOFlex is ready to work with customers to customize the technology for product needs.

Compostable Films

ISOFlex is commercially producing PHA and Bio-PBS films. These are being developed for a range of applications. These films are certified home compostable, and FDA approved for food contact applications. We are also exploring additional compostable materials such as PBAT/PLA. We can customize film properties based on application needs.

Biobased Films

ISOFlex has developed starch-based films to enable biobased claims up to 15%. Options greater than 15% are also available.

ISOFlex Antimicrobial Films

Antimicrobial Films

ISOFlex has developed several antimicrobial films based on metallic additive technology which creates a film surface that is not conducive to microbial growth. Efficacy tests have demonstrated excellent kill rates and therefore have the potential to be used in anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral applications. We continue to explore additional technologies. Our Development and Marketing team is ready to work with customers for specific needs.