ISOFlex Packaging Specialty Films and Plastics


Quality and Capability Start from the Inside-Out.

At ISOFlex, our facilities are equipped with technologically advanced machinery and proven processes to manufacture specialty films that meet the critical needs of the laminating, printing, coating and converting markets. We start with only the best raw materials and resins for our products and maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the entire manufacturing process to deliver products that match exact specifications and exceed expectations.

Every challenge we address, every film we produce and every run on our film lines are opportunities to put our expertise to the test while discovering new ways to make our processes and products better and more efficient.

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Flexible Packaging Capabilities

High Performance
& Barrier Films

  • Monolayer and 3-, 5- and 7-layer Coextruded: 8″ to 110″ width, Gauge .0008 to .006 Mil


  • Mono Layer: 8″ to 110″ wide, Gauge .00075 to .009 Mil
  • High Clarity Coextruded: 16″ to 90″ wide, Gauge .001 to .005 Mil


  • Simple 1- and 2-color Inline Printing
  • Off Line Sitting
  • Micro Perforating
  • Antistatic Additives
  • UV Stabilized Films
  • Custom and Standard Colors
  • Custom and Standard Slip Packages


  • LD/LLDPE: 12″ to 98″ wide (up to 144″ gusseted), Gauge .0007 to .008 Mil
  • HDPE: 20″ to 58″ wide, Gauge .00045 to .003 Mil


  • LD/LLDPE: 20″ to 45″ wide with max lay flat of 30″, Gauge .0009 to .003 Mil
  • HDPE: 24″ to 45″ wide, Gauge .00075 to .0015 Mil


  • LD/LLDPE: 8″ to 120″ wide, Gauge .0007 to .009 Mil


  • 40″ to 110″ width, Gauge .0025 to .0055 Mil
ISOFlex Packaging Specialty Films and Plastics