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At ISOFlex Packaging, our knowledgeable and experienced team develops custom-engineered films for a variety of end-use markets. Through our proven process, we take challenges and ideas and turn them into packaging solutions that deliver precision and performance.

From Food and Beverage Packaging to Institutional Bags and Liners, ISOFlex can do it all. And we stand behind our products with exceptional quality and service.

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ISOFlex Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage packaging has stringent specifications to meet food safety and freshness requirements. We provide products for a variety of packaging options that consistently meet our customers' demands.

ISOFlex Plastic Packaging

Consumer Products

There are as many packaging options as there are products available to consumers. This is where our creativity and innovation shines. By perfecting materials and enhancing processes, we're able to craft packaging solutions that will meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing retail environment.

ISOFlex Plastic Packaging

Institutional Products

We bring the right film characteristics, blends and properties to create solutions that meet a broad scope of institutional needs.

ISOFlex Plastic Packaging

Custom Industrial Film & Bags

Depending on your industry, specifications and end-use application, we work on a custom solution that will meet your performance needs.

ISOFlex Plastic Packaging

Other Innovative Products

Our capabilities our varied and broad, and we have the experience and capacity to produce a wide range of plastic films for packaging and protective film applications with maximum efficiency and quality and a competitive cost.