Minority Business Enterprise Certificate
SQF Registration – Chicago, IL
SQF Registration – Nashville, TN
SQF Registration – Pompano, FL
SQF Registration – Statesville, NC

Compliance Documents

IFX-SDS Safety Data Sheets
IFX-TL-001 Letter of Continuing Guarantee
IFX-TL-002 County of Origin Letter
IFX-TL-003 Allergen Statement
IFX-TL-004 FDA Letter
IFX-TL-005 BPA Letter
IFX-TL-006 BHT Letter
IFX-TL-007 CFC Letter
IFX-TL-008 Bovine TSE Letter
IFX-TL-009 CONEG Letter
IFX-TL-010 Dimethylfumarate Letter
IFX-TL-011 HALAL Letter
IFX-TL-012 Kosher Letter
IFX-TL-013 Latex Letter
IFX-TL-014 PFOA Letter
IFX-TL-015 Phthalates Letter
IFX-TL-016 REACH Chemicals Letter
IFX-TL-017 Green Statement
IFX-TL-018 Milk Containers Letter
IFX-TL-019 Film Storage Letter
IFX-TL-021 Lot Code Letter
IFX-TL-022 Melamine Letter
IFX-TL-023 EU Directive Letter
IFX-TL-024 California Prop 65 Letter
IFX-TL-025 Conflict Mineral Statement
IFX-TL-026 Bio Terrorism Letter
IFX-TL-027 Environmental Policy
IFX-TL-028 Quality Letter
IFX-TL-030 GMO Letter
IFX-TL-031 PCB Letter
IFX-TL-032 Letter of Approved Suppliers and CA Transparency
IFX-TL-034 Ethical Code of Conduct Statement
IFX-TL-035 Gel and Carbon Statement
IFX-TL-036 NANO Materials Letter
IFX-TL-037 Sodium Aluminum Phosphate Letter
IFX-TL-038 Glass and Brittle Plastic Policy
IFX-TL-039 Radiological Hazardous Materials Letter
IFX-TL-040 Chemical Migration Letter
IFX-TL-042 VDC Letter
IFX-TL-043 Polycyclic Aromatic Amines Letter

Product Information

ISOFlex Overview
ISOFlex Bag Inserter
ISOFlex High Performance and Barrier Films
ISOFlex Shrink Film 600-FB
ISOFlex Shrink Film 600-HSB
ISOFlex Shrink Film 600-SB
ISOFlex Shrink Film Clearwrap
ISOFlex Shrink Film